As a workshop leader Susan educates, develops tools, and plans strategic interactions with organizational leaders that moves their organization to the next level. Listed below are the workshops and areas of expertise Susan has cultivated as she has met with people from all levels of business, status, finance and cultures.

Listen to Susan as part of a workshop on community development and how she helped foster communication between the local school system, area churches, and local nonprofits.

Business Is Missions

Engaging in the Community

Church, Nonprofit, and Business Relationships

Components of Community Development

Conflict Resolution

Community Mapping

Developmental Assets

School Partnerships

Apartment Outreach

After-School Programming


Suicide & Loss

Raising Entrepreneurial Children

Lessons In Suffering

Terminal Illness

Crisis Management and Change

Nonprofit Development

Board Development

Program Development

Cross-Cultural Awareness

Relief vs. Development

Social Entrepreneurship

Stages of Learning

Suburban vs. Urban Development

Trademarks of Effective Organizations

Understanding Poverty

Demographic Tours

We offer Demographics tours of the Cy-Fair area in Houston, TX. In these tours, Susan will lead your group through areas of town discussing community issues. She can also help you develop a demographic tour of your local community.

Prayer & Demographic Bus tour

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