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About Susan & Connecting Communities Consulting

Susan Nichols, MTH

Susan Nichols

Susan has lived her whole life being a bridge between various worlds – homogeneous/diverse, wealth/poverty, street smarts/higher education, urban/suburban, people focused/business focused, organized religion/social justice and health/illness. Her goal has always been to be a transitional character in which these relationships intersect by connecting communities of people, both within their infrastructure and sphere of influence.


This achievement is displayed in her proven track record of developing nonprofit organizations and community partnerships. Experienced as an Executive and Founding Director, while serving on boards for developing organizations and community partnerships, has allowed Susan the platform to be a catalyst and educator on diverse issues. She is uniquely positioned due to her gifting and experience in administration and business. Her decision to start Connecting Communities Consulting was influenced by her desire to help educate, equip and mobilize individuals and organizations to be more effective. She accomplishes this through her public speaking, workshops and consulting services.


Susan’s education began at Texas Tech University where she received a Bachelor in Human Development and Family Studies. She then went on to earn her Master's in Theology at Houston Graduate School of Theology. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at Bakke Graduate with a focus on Transformational Leadership. She has been a part of the National Leadership Cohort for the Christian Community Development Association and has spent years traveling the US collaborating and implementing practices with some of the leading minds in the country on community development. More recently, she was humbled to be the recipient of the Houston Queens Jewel Award. As well as, a Golden Rule International Award Recipient granted by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiatives by the United Nations.


Susan is an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor and because of this, her journey through diagnosis and treatment has impacted her outlook of life in a significant way which shows up in everything she does. She and her husband, Rob, have been married for 26 years and take great joy in the lives of their children (Andrew and Amanda). Their house runs a bit like Shark Tank as the entrepreneurial genes have passed on to both children. At a young age, Andrew and Amanda both started their own businesses...Andrew's Artisan Cakes, Andrew's Artisan Pens, and Amanda Faith Designs. When she has a moment to breathe, Susan enjoys investing in her relationships with countless other young adults, traveling, and relaxing at her home with friends and family.

I Change Nations - Award Recipient (Division of the United Nations Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative)

CCDA National Leadership Cohort

CCDA National Leadership Cohort

The Nichols Family

The Nichols Family


To see all sectors of society (private and public) effectively functioning and networking, to transform their communities.


To offer services that educate, equip and mobilize others to better serve their community.

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