Community Demographic Tours

Purpose of a Demographic Tour

To visually see firsthand the community of which God has given us to be a part. To start becoming more familiar with the economic, demographic, and spiritual needs in our community in order to position ourselves, specific churches, and the body of Christ to be more effective in reaching others for the kingdom.

Who Goes On a Demographic Tour?

 Anyone interested in learning more about our community, its uniqueness, and building relationships in the community. This includes youth (one of our biggest assets in outreach).

Having a Local/Global Vision (Glocal Vision)

The word nation in scripture is used to define an ethnic or people group. It is only in our westernized thinking that we attribute the word nation to a geographic location. When scripture tells us to teach and baptize all nations, it refers to groups of people not limited by location. Due to globalization and the uniqueness of our community, we have the ability to reach dozens of people groups from around the world without hardly leaving our neighborhoods. The Biblical principal of reaching others globally or in Northwest Houston is the same, yet the method may vary due to the environment.

What We Do On a Demographic Tour

Primarily we are taking time out of our busy schedules to visit multiple communities we might otherwise not know about in our everyday lives. En route to each location, you will learn information about your community and visit 4 or 5 different community buildings. Here we will pray over specific needs such as business, education, poverty, human trafficking, healthcare, mental health, family dynamics, community services, globalization, and religious culture.

The Goal of a Demographic Tour

The goal of a prayer tour is to walk away with a clearer understanding of how God wants you to position yourself individually, as a church, and in the body of Christ to better build relationships that will impact the Kingdom. This is not simply to impact our prayer life, but our practical day-to-day living. It should transform our minds in the likeness of Christ knowing He has made us with a specific purpose in bringing others into a lasting relationship with Christ and His love.